Monday, April 07, 2008

Qmobiliy tuner

--------------------Submitted at 2008/04/04 09:13:54--------------------
What is Qmobility tuner?
I found the software in my joybook CD driver but after installation nothing happen.

I want to know, the program use for, how to use it, important or not?

I tried to find out the answer by google but useless.

I wish in your kindness and hope fully you will reply as soon as possible.

--------------------Replied by CSD chanwit at 2008/04/07 04:34:49--------------------
Dear Phawinpon,

Qmobility is a program for Joybook that bundle with Digital TV tuner.

If your Joybook don't have this hardware, this software will useless for you.

In thailand we cut this hardware out because cannot use in Thailand and we can decrease cost about 2000-3000Baht.

BenQ (Thailand)

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