Friday, June 18, 2010

My lovely friends, my lovely books

Five years ago (in late of 2004), I got the first episode of trilogy gay novel named “Rainbow boy” of Alex Sanchez. One year after, I got a “Rainbow high” and 2 years after for “Rainbow road”. The three of main character; Jason, Kyle and Nelson, are becoming my friends. For the first book, I must cover up the three boys on the cover but for the second and the third, I can read it in a public without any scare. Yesterday during I was cleaning my bookshelf, I found my old friends sleep in their shelf. I have been reading it again and feel goods as well as 5 years ago. I just want to tell all of them and their author that “thanks you for my good experience”.
P.S. I found some wrinkle in a front cover and in many pages so I should repair them, especially the second ep book. Moreover, I may buy a new one for keep only.

Thanks wikipedia for all cover image.

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