Sunday, May 18, 2014

How to config ePSXe to run the Rayman classic?

I found some problem when I tried to run the Rayman classic in PS elulator as ePSXe. It is freeze in the beginning of the game title and without sound. I search for find out the solution and found here.
The instruction is in youtube that anyone can follow but some people, like me, may need to pause the video in every step. Thus, I write the solution here for further information.

1. Rayman classic image file, in .bin or .iso are preferable.
2. ePSXe ver 1.6 or above with the “Mooby 2 CD disk image driver 2.8” or above and Eternal SPU Plugin Lite 1.41 or above. Both of them must be installed already.

Configuring CD-Rom driver
1. Menu > Config > CDrom  > Select the Mooby2 for CDrom plugin and click the configure button
2. Modified the configuration box as show in the image 1.
2.1 Check the “Repeat all CDDA tracks”.
2.2 Slide the “CDDA volume” as you’re needed.
2.3 Click an “Choose an autorun image” and browse to the Rayman image.
2.4 Click OK until back to main menu.

1. CD-Rom plugin configuration.

Configuring Sound
1. Menu > Config > Sound > Select the Eternal SPU Plugin and modified the config sound as show in the image 2 and then click the configure button
2. Check the “SPU IRQ – Force interruption flag7” and leave other as default setting and then click ok until back to main menu.

2. Sound plugin configuration

For start the Rayman classic you need to run as CD game by
Menu > File > Run CDROM, then the game should be run properly as in PS machine.